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We are looking for business partners (students) wanting to work from their home… on their own schedule… and have a strong desire to earn money to help pay for college.

We work with college students across America to make contact with merchants close to college campuses and local communities to ask if the business would be willing to support a college student discount program for the students attending college close to their business.

Here is a list of current college student discount programs and cities we currently offer:

We charge the merchants a very small $600.00 annual fee and work with students to do everything they can to help get the word out to fellow students on and around campus in hopes of helping students save money on the products and services they need.

When you get a business to support your college student or local community discount program by partnering with us, you will earn $100.00 for your effort.

If you can get the business to contact us and have us go over our program with the business and when they decide to take advantage of our program… we will still pay you for your effort.

For every ten businesses you get to support a school discount program or local community discount program, you will earn an additional $1,000.00 bonus for your effort.

We promote those supporting businesses on a (college) student discount website and/or a local community discount website and feature their; deal, discount and/or coupon offer to people; living, working, playing and attending college right in their local community.

Our focus is reaching out to consumers in a 4 mile+ radius around their business and we combined over 52 types of marketing strategies and tactics to bring new and repeat customers to any type of business.


Please note: Business partners are considered to be contract employees and are required to create a business name and acquire a business license for their city!

You truly will be your own boss and business owner and will have an unlimited income potential.

As an owner with any businessyou will only get paid when the business pays you for our service.

For more information, contact Terry Jenkins at:


Please visit our “Grow Your Business with Us” page for more information.

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