Let us help you start a “Student Discount Program” for your school.


How about bringing a great Student Discount Program to your school?  Notoriously, college is a time when funds are tight - students have always had to dig for loose change.  This economy just makes things harder.  Having a Student Discount Program is a way to lighten the load for everyone.  Collectively, the students, faculty and staff at your college or university can save many thousands of dollars each year using student discounts at local and national businesses that are important to you.


Your school could be the perfect sponsor for a Student Discount Program on your campus. If you are a student government organization, student life office, student activities office, campus ID card office, or any other recognized student organization, this could be an opportunity for you to provide a great student discount program to your school, and to get the credit and recognition for doing so.


Here is how it works: 

·                          Your school agrees to sponsor a Student Discount Program to bring student discounts to your school. (This discount program is totally FREE to the school).

·                          You select some local businesses that you would like to have in your program that would provide discounts for your students.  We contact those businesses and negotiate student discounts from them.  Most student discounts will be available for a full year.  We also offer help in adding local businesses to your student discount program. And the best part is... that we do all the entry work and the maintaining of your website for you.

·                          In addition, your school will have access to a selection of national and online businesses.  See a sample here!  View: http://sierracollege.studentdiscountprogram.com/online-discounts/

·                          The student discounts are listed on your school Student Discount Program website.  Your school will have its own landing page, accented with your school logo and colors, identifying your school as the sponsor and you can also use your Student Discount Program to help increase sales on your Student ID Card program. See a sample website here!  http://sierracollege.studentdiscountprogram.com/

·                          To redeem the student discounts, students must either show a valid school ID when making a purchase, print a coupon, or show the coupon offer from their mobile device.

·                          Your school gets the word out about your Student Discount Program on campus using: flyers, posters, the school newspaper and other digital media. 

·                          Participating businesses are happy to team up with a local Student Discount Program to increase the foot traffic to their business and help students save money.

·                          Your program sponsorship is totally fee.  Local businesses pay a small fee for our service to help to cover the cost on providing and managing the Student Discount Program for your school.  We also offer a school “fundraising” program to help raise money for student causes.

Jenkins Interactive Advertising is a California based company that develops off campus programs for colleges and their students. For detailed information about how your school can participate in your own Student Discount Program, please have a member of a recognized on-campus organization or a staff member contact us at 1-916-370-5583 or send us an email at studentdiscountprogram@gmail.com.

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