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  • May 31, 2013 11:53 pm

Jenkins Interactive Advertising is a California based company that develops off campus programs for colleges and their students.

As a student, they are entitled to student discounts at lots of local and on-line businesses.

The Student Discount Program offer discounts on products and services from local merchants and all discounted offers are listed on your college Student Discount Program website.

There is no fee for joining our student discount program and our team will manage all partnering merchants supporting your student discount program.

We will also introduce your college student discount program to the local merchants on behalf of your college, do all the set up work and manage your website for you.  All we ask is that you help to promote your student discount program to your students.

Merchants pay a small fee for advertising and marketing their business on your student discount program website.

This is how it works:

Business will be listed on your Student Discount Program website and promoted on campus through posters, flyer’s, the school newspaper, and digital media. 

To redeem the discounted offer, students must present a valid school ID when they make a purchase.

Its really simple and the students love it!

Our advertising and marketing programs are also intended to help local businesses boost foot traffic, while offering money saving offers to the consumer working and living in their business area. 

Focusing on the local area consumer will no doubt… give any business the highest return on their investment, which is why businesses support the student discount program.

Sit down with us to learn what we are doing to help community colleges to create their own student discount program and maybe we can help your college as well.

For detailed information on our program, contact a consultant at 1-916-370-5583.

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